Benefits of Yoga for Children

Yoga is a wonderful form of low-impact exercise for people of all ages, but did you know that that it can be especially beneficial for children, including those with special needs? According to a recent article published in Parents Magazine, the positive aspects of yoga-based exercises go well beyond the physical benefits and helps children develop their focus and concentration while also boosting confidence and self-esteem. The focus and concentration that a child practices while balancing and holding poses helps to build their overall focus and concentration skills, which can help them in so many different situations including at school and in other therapy activities. Yoga is a great way for young children to participate in exercise in group but in a noncompetitive way. Studies have even shown this form of exercise to be especially helpful for children with autism and ADHD.

Our supported yoga program uses yoga techniques to assist young children, ages 4-7, gain symmetry, balance, core strength. Our practice uses stretching, bending and holding positions to specifically impact motor control as well as overall muscle strength and flexibility. Children will be cued, encouraged, and guided through postures and activities with fun, easy going tools and strategies. We’re ready to help you get your child registered and reaping the benefits of this wonderful exercise today.