Ashland County Summer Program

6 week session -  June 11-July 16

Tuesday, once a week

9:30-10:30—Hands in Motion

Does your child need some extra support this summer to improve fine motor skills or body awareness to be more engaging at home and school? Through sensory play, crafts, games, and fun activities, children will gain needed fine motor skills and hand strength to help them develop the skills for success. Activities will also focus on handwriting, body control, and self-regulation.  The group setting will give children opportunities to learn and practice their social skills in a fun and supportive way. Opportunities are available for any age!   ($200)


 10:30-11:30—Social Skills

Come join us in a fun environment to improve social skills while participating in various fine motor and sensorimotor activities.  This group led by an occupational therapist and a speech therapist will focus on socialization, team work, answering questions, problem solving, and appropriate peer interactions.  Your child will have the opportunity to work on these skills while enjoying the company of peers and working together to complete tasks or games with a common goal.  ($225)