Summer Programs - Wooster


Organized Sports at  Wooster Montessori School, 1170 Akron Rd (St. Rt. 585), Wooster, ages 5-10, Mon-Fri, June 18-22 and July 9-13, 9:00-1:00 (includes lunch and Tshirt).  This day camp provides an introduction to basic skills needed for a variety of sports.  Children will have the opportunity to practice teamwork principles while working on gross motor development, coordination skills, motor planning and body strengthening.  Each day will focus on a different sport and provide the children with instructions on sport specific skills, play based sport activities, and more!  Lunch is provided each day.  Camp will be led by a physical therapist and a speech-language pathologist. cost $300

 Ballet/Yoga at Ballet Wooster, 5245 Cleveland Rd, Suite D/E, Wooster,  ages 4 and up, Mon—Fri , Aug 6-10, 10:00-11:15, dates TBA, keep checking back                    In collaboration with Ballet Wooster, we are pleased to offer an opportunity for your child to enjoy a week of ballet classes.  Enjoy moving to music, stretching, and learning basic ballet steps in an adapted environment for your dancer.  The camp will culminate with an in-studio performance to show everything your dancer has learned throughout the week.  cost $150

Early Literacy,  at Chrysalis, 439 N Market St, Wooster, ages 4-6, Mon – Fri, June 11-15, 1:00-2:00.     Literacy camp will focus on sound/letter correspondence, "sound cousins" (like "p" and "b" that are made and sound mostly the sabe but are a little different), putting sounds together to make simple words, and breaking down sounds to read them.  We will incorporate all our senses as we practice-listening to the sounds, seeing what they look like in words, drawing words into different textures, and maybe even eating our sound letter creations - for lots of fun!  cost $100

Bike Camp at OARDC, by the Rose Garden, Secrest Road, Wooster,  ages 5-10, Mon-Thurs, June 25-28 and July 23-26, 9:30-10:30. This program is designed to teach children of all abilities how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.  This program is beneficial for children who show an interest in riding a bike, follow instructions, and are physically able to pedal.  Children will gain self-confidence and independence while learning to ride!  This group will be led by a physical therapist. cost $75


Monday 9:00-10:00 at EJ Therapy, 210 E Milltown Road, Wooster

Sensory  Needs Group - We all experience constant sensory input from the world around us on a daily basis.  For some children, taking in this information and responding appropriately to it is very difficult; impacting their ability to participate in daily activities.  This group provides your child with a multi-sensory experience through play with other children to help impact his or her tolerance to adult directed activities, attention to task and peer interaction. Whether your child has Autism, ADHD, or another significant disability, this program will help your child experience the sensory environment we all live in and learn to regulate the input for a positive response; allowing your child to be ready for new learning and develop a calm demeanor for daily tasks, challenges, and family times.  June 4-25 (4wk) cost $175.00, July 2-Aug 6, (6 wk), cost $250.00

Monday 10:30-11:30 at EJ Therapy, 210 E Milltown Road, Wooster

Fine Motor Group — Develop fine motor skills needed for writing, cutting, hand strengthening, through games, crafts, sensory play, and fun activities. Also great for developing social skills . This group helps your child develop the fine motor skills needed to for grasping writing utensils, handwriting, cutting, drawing and coloring to help prepare them for success in school.  Through strengthening activities, sensory play, crafts, games and fun activities trained therapists will help your child gain needed fine motor skills and hand strength they need to help them gain pre-writing and handwriting skills.  The group setting will also give them opportunities to learn and practice their social needs or typical children who need some extra practice fine tuning for improving their fine motor shills.  Activities are planned and adjusted to meet the needs of each individual child at their level to promote optimal success!   Ages  4-6. June 4-25 (4 weeks), cost $175.00,  July 2-Aug 6 (6 weeks) cost $250.00

Monday 2:00-3:00 at Chrysalis, 439 N Market Street, Wooster

Social Skills Group  - Group designed around the ages and needs of children participating.  Offering a fun, safe environment to develop social skills, team work, problem solving, appropriate peer interaction, our therapists are prepared to address needs identified and displayed.  Using play, crafts, games, and social conversation, children will develop skills to listen to others, respond with caring words, and improve personal social skills.  We are also willing to address bullying, self-esteem, anxiety in social settings, typical and special needs children welcome, siblings welcome.  Special awareness available for those who have experienced foster care or adoption.  Led by a speech therapist and a licensed pediatric mental health counselor, services will be developed to meet the need.  Most insurances accepts.  June 4-25 (4 weeks), cost $180.00, July 9-Aug 13 (6 weeks) $270.00


Handwriting - one on one - There are often not enough minutes in the school day for teachers to focus the time necessary to really learn good handwriting skills, either print or cursive.  Yet handwriting is a skill that is very important for children to master for academic success.  Occupational therapy specializes in assessing and treating fine and visual motor skills, and they are handwriting experts.  If you child struggles with handwriting legibility, proper letter formations, pencil grasp, etc., some extra practice and instruction in this area over the summer could greatly impact his or her success upon returning to school in the fall.  Our one-on-one sessions use a multi-sensory handwriting approach to help teach kids proper handwriting skills in a fun and successful way!  Call our office for appointments, most insurance accepted.