Welcome to EJ Therapy!
Children's Occupational and Physical Therapy in Wooster, Ohio.

EJ Therapy has been providing occupational and physical therapy services to typical and developmentally delayed children in our community for more than 15 years and now we have added speech therapy!.

Our summer program 2016 information is now available, click on summer programs!

Opening soon – second location offering pediatric occupational and physical therapy and summer programs at 10870-1 Portage Street NW, Canal Fulton!

Our staff has a strong desire to help children succeed – seeing a child smile, laugh, participate in a new motor activity, sensory, dexterity, or writing skill and gain functional skills and self confidence.

Latest News From EJ Therapy

Gaining independence

I love seeing kids with challenges gain independence and self-confidence.  This is incredibly affirming and positive role model for many children with physical difficulties.  Enjoy!  

Developmental skills

Developmental skills necessary for school work; reading, writing, focusing, visual attention, ability to sequence multiple step procedures all begin with a solid developmental progression of tummy time, prone time, crawling, playing on the floor with manipulatives and adult face to

Old-fashion play

Adults and parents continue to enjoy and desire to engage with the ever-changing technologies available to us.  However, there does continue to be a very real need for our children; infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to grow well and developmentally strong